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Dumper Placer

Dumper Placer is unusual, highly productive, simple to use, minimal maintenance, and sanitary device to aid in maintaining a clean city. This provided placer is put through a variety of quality tests and promises a long service life. This offered placer is very simple, and easy to maintain


Portable Compactor

Portable Compactor is ideal for mobility and even higher cleanliness because it requires less room and is smaller than static ones. The amount of space needed to hold garbage is reduced with this compactor. This device is highly appreciated by our customers.

Road Sweepers

Road Sweepers are crucial to preventing storm water pollution since it not only keeps the streets cleaner. They stop waste from entering storm drains, contaminating our bays, and generating backups and floods. Additionally, they help to reduce tyre damage and keep job sites safe and clean.


Super Sucker

Super Sucker is a high airflow, positive displacement lobe type vacuum blower that is installed in the air-mover unit, and it is powered by a separate auxiliary diesel engine. The vehicle's engine is installed between the gearbox and differential to power the high-pressure jetting pump.

Suction Cum Jetting

Suction Cum Jetting is both simple to use and effective for cleaning sewer lines. The machine's high productivity and minimal maintenance is outstanding. Suction-Jetting mechanism aid in faster and more effective cleaning of sewer systems. This requires very low replacement costs and has long lasting features.

Anti Smog Gun

After being connected to a water tank installed on a vehicle, an anti-smog gun is used to spray water. By forcing water through propellers under high pressure, it transforms the liquid into a thin spray with droplets that range in size from 50 to 100 microns.

Desilting Machine

The desilting Machine is a unique product that can be produced to particular requirements and is well-known among market customers for its excellent efficiency and durability. This machine is very much liked and highly appreciated by people, in the market. This machine is very effective and widely utilized.

Sky Lift

Sky Lift is very easy to install and simple to handle. Chemical facilities, municipal corporations, Jal Sansthan, refineries, and many more locations can employ the lift. Different sturdiness, construction, and security factors are subject to quality inspection. Customers may obtain this lift in a variety of ways and at affordable costs.

Suction Machine

Suction Machine This is used to de-silt sewage lines, trunk and branch lines, and linear arrangement. The most up-to-date technology and tightest adherence to the highest international standards are used in the construction of this machine. This allows for a high-depth suction of 1012 meters.


Sewer Cleaning Machine

A sewer Cleaning Machine is used to clear clogged drains and unclog pipes. Sinks, bathtubs, showers, sewage laterals, branch lines, trap arms, mainlines, and commercial drains are among the places where drain cleaning equipment is used. This is checked under various parameters to ensure its high durability.


Garbage Compactor

Garbage Compactor is triggered to compress it by expelling air, liquids, and moisture. This is done in a variety of ways, including manually loading, utilizing loaders, conveyors, or other dumping techniques. This is very effective, economical, and safe to use.

Auto Collector

Auto Collector is a tool that has hassle-free installation, easy operation, power-coated and sturdy construction too. This collector has extra spare parts and tool kit for better performance. This has a low cost of upkeep and uses modern technology. This collector is very effective and economical to use.